For Professionals

NY Professional Chapter members in a design activity.Maybe you've just graduated from involvement with an ESW chapter. Maybe you've been in the workforce for a few years. Maybe you're a senior professional that helped create some of the sustainability-focused jobs in technical fields. In any of these cases, know that ESW's community offers opportunities for you to get involved as a professional.


How to Get Involved

Become a Member

ESW Membership provides you with access to job listings, conference discounts, and skills training materials, as well as helping to support ESW, allowing us to provide more opportunities, connect all of our chapters and members, and find ways to meet your needs as a technical sustainability professional.

Join a Professional Chapter

Professional chapters are a way to work on local projects and meet other sustainability-minded people in your area. Many of our professional chapters also work with local student chapters and provide technical expertise for their projects. They're relatively new, and you can help shape this new part of the community - email Nichole Heil at for more info.

Become a Professional Mentor

Mentors, whether part of professional chapters or by themselves, give back to the next generation of technical students by providing guidance and input on projects in their area of expertise, connected by ESW-Headquarters. The wide range of chapter projects makes it possible to match your expertise, regardless of field.

Be Interviewed

As part of building a library of knowledge, you can help us and our student members understand professional life by recording a short interview with us on what you do (and whether that's where you want to be), what you like, and what you wish you'd learned in school. For more information, email Jordan Crolly at

Attend/Present at a Conference

Our conferences offer the opportunity to share best practices for small-scale projects, and help build skills for different technical fields - everything from how solar designers operate to rethinking product design. We'd love to see you attend - and let us know what you'd like to see as a professional - and we'd love to have you present a project that you've worked on, or teach a workshop based on your experience.