2015 ESW Annual Conference

April 16, 11:00am to April 19, 7:00pm
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY

The 2015 ESW Annual Conference will be hosted at RIT, and will be based around the theme of City, Campus, Community. ESW’s Annual Conferences bring together students and professionals from around the country to learn design and leadership skills, hear from researchers and professionals about the state of sustainable design, collaborate on design challenges, and meet to forge a stronger community. Expect to come away inspired to create something new, with the skills to do it. If you’re excited about sustainability and implementation, this is where you should be

The 2015 Theme: City, Campus, Community

Even in an age of globalization–and global challenges–the fundamental unit of change remains people, both as individuals and local communities. 51% of humanity now lives in cities. Campuses are increasingly treated as living labs. And with increasing global and national strife, local communities and infrastructure are critical to a sustainable and resilient future. That’s why the 2015 Annual Conference will focus on where we live, play, work, and study.

Beyond the normal talks, presentations, and networking, Saturday will integrate our annual Inter-Chapter Challenge with local speakers and organizations, moving from a TED-style opening session through design time and presentations and community judging over lunch. Other sessions throughout the conference will help attendees build skills for productively engaging with local communities and learn about relevant technologies and policy mechanisms. We're excited for the conversations and projects that can come out of this theme!

What Will We Talk About?

  • Urban infrastructure - current status, possible options, and the challenges of [re]building it. 
  • Campuses as leaders, experiments, and self-contained communities. 
  • Systems - for food, energy, water, and waste
  • How manufacturing and sustainability fit together in modern companies
  • How technology helps (and hurts) communities.
  • Leadership, project management, and networking skills for upcoming professionals
  • Engineering education that includes the communities behind projects and the sustainability of both.
  • New ideas for change - policies, behaviors, partnerships, social enterprises, and more.







Our Annual Conference would not be possible without the support of our sponsors and partners. They provide the funding and expertise to allow more students to attend, host diverse workshops, and create a stronger community. In return, here’s some of what we can offer: 

  • Networking time with top students from across the continent, particularly during our Saturday Job Fair
  • Digital and physical branding opportunities
  • Award sponsorship for top projects and chapters

If your organization is interested in supporting this event and ESW’s mission of finding and implementing sustainable solutions to today’s challenges, check out our Sponsor Brochure or contact Jordan Crolly at jcrolly@eswusa.org for more information.