Transportation is linked to so many sustainability topics, including housing and energy. Some form of energy must be used to move people from place to place, whether it’s biological energy to power a bike or combustion energy from gasoline to power a car. Where we live affects how we get between our house, work, and recreation - someone living in a far-flung suburb may have no feasible options other than driving, while a city dweller may have several transit options (or not - many urban areas are also transit deserts). As we try to reduce our energy consumption, we also need to make public transportation more viable and attractive for more people, but this can be extremely costly, especially in low-density areas.

Transportation is often dealt with on a large-scale governmental level, but you can do a lot to advocate for more sustainable and equitable transportation options in your community. Let us know how you and people you admire are working to improve transportation systems using #ESWtransportation on social media.

The Big Roads by Earl Swift
The Routes of Man by Ted Conover
Fighting Traffic by Peter Norton