Energy is required for pretty much everything, particularly transportation, heating, and electricity. There are a wide range of energy sources, ranging from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas to more renewable options like wind and solar, and all of these sources have associated environmental, social, and economic impacts. As countries around the world are modernizing (read: using more energy), we have to figure out how to allow these countries to develop while reducing the environmental impact of energy use overall - both at home and abroad.

Many ESW projects deal with how to incorporate renewable energy into our daily lives - several chapters have built solar-powered food carts, phone charging stations, and more to reduce fossil fuel usage and display what alternative sources of energy can do. Share your energy-related projects and inspiration with us using #ESWenergy on social media - your innovative ideas are helping shift how we produce and use energy!

The Post-Carbon Reader edited by Richard Heinberg and Daniel Lerch
Energy for Future Presidents by Richard A. Muller
The Quest by Daniel Yergin