National Team

Nichole Goldsmith

Executive Director

Nichole Goldsmith is a non-profit executive with expertise in consortium building, sustainability and STEM based education. She has led many successful programs and has an impressive track record of assessments, federal program management and national technical assistance. Nichole has fostered alliances with agencies, states, universities, corporations and organizations and has used those relationships to orchestrate various initiatives. 
Nichole started her career by designing and implementing sustainability programs in Southwestern PA.  Over the years she facilitated partnerships and alliances on a regional, state and national level in support of sustainability transportation and STEM.  Her previous work includes: Regional Director, FIRST (multi state), Executive Director, National RTAP, Program Director of the National Transit Resource Center and staff; Ex-Officio member of the National RTAP Program Board, United We Ride Ambassador for New York and Wisconsin, JARC Administrator for projects in Massachusetts, Michigan, Hawaii and Washington and Organizer of the National Consortium on the Coordination of Human Services Transportation
A national keynote speaker, facilitator, author and trainer; she brings 15 years of management experience.  In addition to providing technical assistance to cities, states and tribal nations she managed several regional robotics competitions, she coordinated volunteers and she provided training to agencies, communities, teachers, students, medical professionals and more. Products developed include an industry film; federal white papers, brochures and best practices; two interactive online libraries, various interactive CD-roms, videos, websites and online content; and several training modules.  
Ms. Goldsmith holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Kent State University.

Calvin Holic

Deputy Director

Calvin earned a B.S. in Computer Engineering and a B.A. in Mathematics at the University at Buffalo, where he was first introduced to (and fell in love with) ESW. After graduating from Buffalo, he attended Purdue University (Boiler Up!) where he earned his Master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, focusing on computer architecture. As a graduate advisor for ESW-Purdue, he helped to rebuild the Purdue chapter. He now lives in beautiful Fort Collins, CO where he works as a computer engineer for AMD.

His top "sustainability interests" lie in electric vehicles and renewable (mainly solar) energy -- he is a Tesla enthusiast and Elon Musk admirer. Powering a stunning Model S with rooftop solar is one of his future dreams.

Calvin joined ESW-HQ in 2013 as a Chapter Relations Coordinator, where he maintained relationships with the ESW chapters in his region and provided assistance for chapter growth. Now as Deputy Director on the Leadership Team, he works to increase inter-departmental synergy while assessing and addressing internal needs. He also serves as the head of recruitment for ESW-HQ -- if you have any questions about working with the Leadership Team, feel free to contact him!