National Team

Brittany Bennett

Executive Director

Brittany Bennett is the Executive Director of Engineers for a Sustainable World. She has been a part of ESW for five years since 2012, starting in her first year at Smith College where she was a Chapter President. Brittany was involved in one of ESW-Smith's premiere projects - the design of a cargo bicycle to transport goods for Dining Services. After winning Smith's "Sustainable Leader" award, Brittany went on to become the first Director of Chapter Relations at ESW-Headquarters in 2013. As Director, Brittany restructured the relationship between ESW chapters and Headquarters. Brittany is also the author of ESW's Chapter Leader Guide. After a year with ESW-HQ, she decided to pursue her passion for K-12 education. Brittany created new STEM lesson plans, workshops, and other educational content for ESW. She was later promoted to Deputy Director, and eventually became the Executive Director of ESW. As ED, Brittany is dedicated to supporting projects, both student and professional, that have a lasting sustainable impact on campuses, in communities, and in the world. Outside of ESW, Brittany is the Development Director of The Climate Mobilization.

Chris Thai

Deputy Director

Chris is working on a Master’s of Science in Environmental and Sustainability Engineering at the University of Colorado Denver.  He moved to Denver partially for the focus on urban infrastructure and sustainability at UCD and partially Colorado's outdoors opportunities.  He finished his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh where he discovered ESW as a sophomore.  His current academic interests lie in bikes, mixed modes of transportation, urbanism, and occasionally, life cycle assessment.  He is excited to take on the position of Chapter Relations Coordinator and for the opportunity to help grow ESW.