National Team

Alexander Dale

Executive Director

Alex is the Executive Director for ESW-National. He directs the creation of new outreach and project initiatives, and acts as the external face of ESW at various events. He has helped created the Wicked Problems in Sustainable Engineering initiative, the LCA+U challenge, and driven increasing faculty and professional involvement with the organization. He has previously served as the Education Director and Director Communication & Technology.
Alex obtained his PhD at the University of Pittsburgh in 2013, focusing on Sustainability and Green Design within Civil & Environmental Engineering. His research focused on regional environmental impacts of future energy and water supplies, and he is incredibly passionate about the interconnection between various areas of sustainability (as well as definitions thereof). He received his B.S. in Engineering Physics from Pitt as well, and is the former president of the University of Pittsburgh’s ESW chapter, and has been involved in spearheading connectivity for the entire Pitt environmental community. In addition to working with ESW on the national level, Alex is interested in high-level policy, collegiate education, and street-level community work. Outside of ESW, he is also involved with TransitionPGH, and has spent four months living in Rio de Janeiro on a research rotation. When not enmeshed in research or some organization, Alex enjoys rock climbing, a good book, cooking, and coming up with new random ideas to work on. He also occasionally breathes.

Anabela Carigo

Development Coordinator

Anabela is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in Chemical Engineering. She has spent semesters in South Africa and Germany, and visited numerous other countries both during college and growing up. Her initial experience with service learning engineering was through an Engineers Without Borders project in Mali, Africa and with ESW-Pitt's renewable energy research team. 

As Development Coordinator, Anabela helps develop the relationships with companies and other sponsors that enable ESW to run programs. You can contact her at

Brian Lange

Technology Director

Brian Lange is a student in the Computer Engineering program at Northwestern University. He also spends co-op quarters as a Data Scientist at Datascope Analytics, where he leads design process exercises and designs analyses, web interfaces and visualizations. Brian believes that human centered design coupled with the latest technology can make our planet more sustainable. While he's not nerding out about information density and saving the world, he enjoys science and comedy podcasts, making beer, and listening to weird music.

Brittany Bennett

Chapter Relations Director

Brittany Bennett is studying engineering science at Smith College, an all women’s college in western Massachusetts. Brittany decided to leave her southern town and accent to pursue engineering because she desires to use her interest in science and math for the benefit of humanity through environmental justice. She is particularly dedicated to empowering young girls to pursue STEM fields, promoting diversity and social justice within the engineering field, and environmental equality. Read more about Brittany here!

Calvin Holic

Chapter Relations Coordinator

Calvin is working on his Master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University, focusing on computer architecture. He earned a B.S. in Computer Engineering and a B.A. in Mathematics at the University at Buffalo, where he was first introduced to (and fell in love with) ESW. As a graduate advisor for ESW-Purdue, he seeks to help rebuild the Purdue chapter to its thriving former self. Now as a Chapter Relations Coordinator for ESW National, he looks to give back to the national organization and aid in its continued growth.

Chris Thai

Chapter Relations Coordinator

Chris is working on a Master’s of Science in Environmental and Sustainability Engineering at the University of Colorado Denver.  He moved to Denver partially for the focus on urban infrastructure and sustainability at UCD and partially for the outdoors opportunities Colorado presents.  He finished his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh where he discovered ESW as a sophomore.  His current academic interests lie in bikes, mixed modes of transportation, killing suburbia, and occasionally, life cycle assessment.  He is excited to take on the position of Chapter Relations Coordinator and for the opportunity to help grow ESW.  

Erin Lennox

Projects Director

Erin received her B.S in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where she also served as the schools ESW chapter president. Through her involvement in ESW, she has worked on a variety of different projects in Peru, Mexico, and Guatemala.  Erin is currently working towards her PhD in Ecological Economics, investigating the potential for economic development through smallholder agriculture in a Peruvian highland community.  When she is not working on her research, Erin enjoys skiing, knitting, and baking.

Erin is available via e-mail at

Erin Rose Briggs

Chapter Relations Coordinator, New Chapter Development

Erin Rose started out her time with the ESW National Team in June 2012 as one of the summer interns. She worked in the Bay Area aiding in the development of an alumni network, creating marketing and sponsorship material for the group, networking in the area and spreading our message and name. She then transitioned to the Assistant Development Director role in the fall. She is currently working on outreach efforts to potential new chapters.

Erin Rose received her B.S and M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell, where she served as the school's ESW Chapter President '11-'12, Vice President of Events '10-'11 and Vice President of Communications '12-'13. She currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma and works as an Application Engineer for MIRATECH, where she helps companies meet air regulations and solves exhaust emission problems for industrial engines by utilizing catalysts, diesel particulate filters and engineered controls systems.

In her free time, Erin Rose enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities; especially, soccer, running, and backpacking. She also enjoys reading, playing (violin, singing) and listening to music, meeting new people, and having engaging and interesting conversations.

You can reach Erin Rose Briggs at

Jordan Crolly

Development Director

Howdy y'all. My name is Jordan Crolly. Originally from the Scranton, Pennsylvania area, I graduated from Penn State in 2013 with a degree in Energy Engineering and a minor in Environmental Engineering.

After graduation I began working for a small electrical contractor in Mount Pleasant, Michigan by the name of J. Ranck Electric where I focus on implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, mainly solar.
I have a passion for all things green and I one day hope to run my own business with a focus on designing and building full spectrum sustainable communities. 
If you think I can help you in anyway at all, then please don't hesitate to shoot me an email. 

Peace and Love.

Judy Lao

Events Coordinator

Judy transferred to UC San Diego in 2011 and graduated with her Chemical Engineering degree in 2013. Her original career goal was to be a Pharmacist, but she soon decided that she wanted to obtain a degree that provides a broad range of career options. She still had a strong interest in the pharmaceutical industry, but also wanted to work with energy, oil, and whatever else the world had to offer. However, after meeting with an oil company, her perspective changed and she wanted to be involved in being sustainable and working closely with renewable energy.

At UCSD, she was the Vice President of Tau Beta Pi – National Engineering Honor Society, as well as an active member in Theta Tau – Professional Co-Ed Engineering Fraternity, where she assisted in organizing Philanthropy Events. She discovered ESW too late in her short time at UCSD, but kept up with the organization in hopes that she could join their National Team; her plan has definitely paid off!

Judy enjoys learning and is constantly searching for personal growth. She doesn’t believe that now is the time to be comfortable when there is so much to do and learn from. She believes in “work hard, play hard” and is always finding a balance in being committed, successful, and having a fun, happy life. She loves to cook, eat, play with her three puppies, meet new people, play first person shooting games, and is a car enthusiast. She’s also trying to teach herself how to code, but we’ll see how that goes…

Love the life you live!

Favorite quote:

I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”’

            -Muhammad Ali

Justin L Hess

Education Director

I am a Ph.D. student at Purdue University’s School of Engineering Education and a current National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. My research focuses on understanding engineers’ core values, dispositions, and worldviews. My studies explore the role of empathy and care in engineering practice, methods of teaching engineering ethics, means of promoting sustainable engineering practices, and how to make engineering more accessible to diverse populations, such as by expanding the boundary on who gets to “be” an engineer. I am currently the Education Director for Engineers for a Sustainable World and an assistant editor for Engineering Studies.

As the 2013-2014 Education Director for ESW, I will be helping pilot the course "Wicked Problems in Sustainability Engineering" at Pittsburgh and RIT, primarily on the assessment side of things. My role also includes managing our bi-weekly webinar series, developing a k-12 outreach effort, and looking for novel ways in which ESW can promote sustainability throughout all levels of education.