SunEdison/Autodesk Projects

2011-2012 Projects

For the 2011-2012 academic year, with the generous support of SunEdison and Autodesk, ESW awarded chapters with outstanding proposals in two areas: Innovative Application of a Solar Kiosk and Innovative Renewable Microgrid Applications. The call for proposals was issued in early November and closed on December 9, 2011. The awarded chapters were announced January 18, 2012.

To read the 2011-2012 Request for Proposals (RFP), click here.

The chapters awarded proposals (titles in parantheses) for the current academic year were:

  • Cornell University (Solar Kiosk)
  • Georgia Institute of Technology (Solar Cafe)
  • Ohio State University (PV Treats)
  • Pennsylvania State University (Sustainable Solar Smoothie Sales)
  • Stanford University (An Integrated Water-Energy Resource Management Strategy Using Solar for Northern India)
  • University of Buffalo (Solar Smoothie Cart Improvements)
  • University of California, Merced (Solar Powered Kiosk)
  • University of Iowa (Solar-Powered Food Cart)
  • University of Texas, Austin (Solar-Powered Kiosk)

Congratulations to all of our teams! Each team will receive from ESW a set of solar panels, inverter, batteries, and charge controller as well as monetary support. Final results will be presented in October at the National Conference.



In 2010 MEMC/SunEdison and ESW agreed to partner and create a three year initiative to encourage student chapters to take on common local projects related to renewable solar energy. The partnership received a boost when Ahmad Chatila, the President and CEO of MEMC, was a plenary speaker at the 2010 National Conference of ESW, held at Purdue University. In addition to that lecture, a session was held with student leaders to define the projects that would be of interest. A Request for Project Proposals was developed and distributed in 2010  The Initiative was organized by Prof. Craig Just, ESW Chapter Advisor at the University of Iowa, Jeremy Bril, the ESW Director of Education and Projects for the ESW National Team in 2010-2011, Roger Caldwell, Director of Storage Solutions for SunEdison and a member of the ESW Advisory Board, and Julie Chow, former Executive Director of ESW.

Each year, selected chapters receive funding and professional advice for their selected projects, with the results being presented at the annual ESW Conference and made available for future use by interested parties. The first year of projects, looking at solar-powered cargo ships and mobile solar power stations, completed in the fall of 2011. The second year's RFP was made available following the 2011 Conference, and the projects, focused on unique applications of small scale solar power systems, are underway. You can read details about the selected projects from the 2010-2011 school year by clicking below. Files are available as PDFs, and require a PDF reader such as FoxIt or Preview.


Clockwise: Cargo ship with the area of solar panels needed with 24-hour sun (blue) and 6 hours of daily sunlight (red) [U. Buffalo]

Solar-powered charging cart for electronics such as cellphones [Stanford]

Prototype water storage system, with electricity generation during outflow [U. Iowa]

All from 2010-2011 project teams.


2010-2011 Chapter Projects

Solar Powered Cargo Ships

University at Buffalo - Final Report

UC Merced - Final Report


Solar Islands

Stanford University - Final Report

UC San Diego - Final Report

University of Iowa - Final Report