Starting a Chapter

Student Chapters

Chapters are at the core of ESW - they are the local entities that bring people together physically to do projects, educate, and build communities. Starting a chapter has a variety of benefits, including leadership experience and the ability to apply for certain national funding opportunities. With a network of 1,000+ engineers who are committed to global sustainability, ESW's growth is largely due to the dedicated efforts of our chapter organizers. Initiating an ESW chapter will benefit you and your community, and will engage your peers in a powerful global initiative to build a better world. 

Our core requirements for new student chapters are as follows:

  • A faculty advisor
  • Ability to receive official school recognition
  • The identification of a few initial projects
  • An identified means of paying chapter dues ($450 for larger chapters and $225 for smaller chapters)

Professional Chapters

Our core requirements for new Professional chapters are as follows:

  • Five dues-paying professional members
  • Some project or activity ideas, and
  • An initial founding document before you can fill out an application

There aren't chapter dues for professional chapters - even better, the chapter gets a portion of the dues paid by its members for its activities. We suggest thinking about the geographic region you'd draw members from, and contacting us to see if we know people in that area that might also be interested.

If you've got some or all of those, or want to know how you'd go about finding them, let us know that you're interested in taking the next step by filling out the form below. We'll get back to you within 48 hours with more information to help schedule a follow-up call online. We encourage you to join ESW before starting a chapter so that you can ask other members of our community for project ideas and other suggestions, and if you've got a longer timeframe, try to come to one of our national events such as our annual conference.

Once you're ready, you can pay student chapter dues at this page.