ESW projects design, build, and implement solutions to sustainability issues, often with a focus on energy and the environment. Chapters select their own project topics and locations for implementation based on the interests of their members, and the resources and guidance available to them at their respective universities. Some chapters chose to focus primarily on sustainability issues on campus or in their local community, while others work to implement sustainable development solutions for communities in the developing world. Many have project portfolios that include a mix of local and international efforts. Topics vary widely across chapters, but include areas such as clean energy generation and energy savings, water and wastewater treatment/management, and the development of green infrastructure. To carry out these projects, chapters often partner with on-campus staff, community organizations, or other sustainability organizations that have experience and established relationships in the communities where they work.

You can view many of the projects completed or in progress in this directory, and we encourage you to contact the chapter to learn more or help implement a similar project where you are!

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The group completed a rain garden, 3 times bigger than any on campus, at the Coralville UMC in April.  A great resource is:

We want Habitat homeowners to have bills they can afford as well – taking this one step further, we don’t want them to have any bills at all.  The idea is that with specific technologies and construction methods, the next generation of Habitat homes will not use more energy than they produce.

Attended training as a group, spent 10 hours weatherizing a home the following weekend.  Followed up with pizza.

Two rain gardens were built on the Iowa Campus in the summer/fall.  A great resource is:

Taking inspiration from SolDesign's solar charging station, this years' SunEdison project will be a stand equipped with an outlet to power speakers or various cook surfaces.

Built a scale model of a water battery, which recaptures the potential energy of raised-water storage.

Ongoing speaker series on a variety of sustainability-related topics.

Built a mobile solar charging station (in handcart form) for Verengo, a company that performs residential solar installation.

OSU's version of the ESW National SunEdison Solar Food Cart Project includes collaboration with a local professional chef that manages a cafe in the campus arts center.  ESW will construct the cart suring this summer (of 2012), which will use energy from the sun to power a box fridge as well as a blender.  Campus chef will feature a range of salads, sandwitches and treats made from local, healthy, organic foods.  The cart will be operated by both ESW members as well as staff from the chef's kitchen.

Dedicated to improve the bicycle generator. The generator will charge a battery which powers a monitor and a racing video game. Project funded by National Instruments.