Shreya Mandal

Outreach Coordinator
Leadership Team

Shreya Mandal is a senior undergraduate student studying Electrical Engineering at Texas A&M University. She first heard about ESW’s mission and values from her friend who studied at the University of Texas at Austin (UT). When she learned that her campus did not have ESW, she founded a chapter in 2016 and served as president this past year. Her time with ESW enabled her to truly develop a new organization with over 40 members and allocate resources for research regarding specific solar panel materials, wind and solar power efficiency analyses, and studying the effect of various solar panel orientations. She hopes the Texas A&M’s chapter will continue to flourish and provide opportunities for students and individuals to innovate and create sustainable ideas to benefit the world. Shreya is very excited to join the Leadership Team, as Outreach Coordinator, and is ready to build new partnerships and enhance the visibility of ESW.