Melissa O'Mara

Founder & Chief Catalyst, i3Activate
Advisory Board

Melissa is a voice and a catalyst for "leaders who give a dam*" - for the growing population of conscious capitalists and B Corp executives, intrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who are proactively transforming business into a force for good. She excels at helping people work better together to deliver on innovation that matters to our world; leveraging leading edge tools, methods, and through deep engagement with leaders and teams. She also facilitates interactive executive meetings & strategic planning sessions for mission-driven companies and organizations.

Prior to founding i3Activate, LLC (which evolved into The Leaders Co-Lab), Melissa has 28 years in information systems consulting, project management, change management, consultative solution sales, solutions sales management, professional coaching, and leadership development at Schneider Electric, IBM and Andersen Consulting.

O’Mara earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Distribution from Clarkson University. She is a patent holder, a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC), a speaker, consultant and coach on the Collective Leadership, Playing a Bigger Game, Living your LifeWork, and The Journey Toward Teal, Purpose & Systems Awareness.