Karin Dykeman

Technology Education Teacher, Liverpool, NY
Advisory Board

Karin Dykeman is a teacher of technology and engineering with over two decades experience in public and community education. Ms. Dykeman extends the reach of engineering education into the community working with churches, civic organizations and after school groups such as FIRST.

With students, Ms. Dykeman focuses on interdisciplinary learning, equity, mastery and the role of the individual in making sustainable choices as both creator and consumer of technology. With adults, she additionally emphasizes the role of teacher as facilitator, inspiration and catalyst for insight, innovation and motivation. Recent efforts include teaching two all-female sections of Introduction to Engineering and training to deliver a new full year course in environmental sustainability. Ms. Dykeman is a leader in technology education, presenting regularly at conferences on topics ranging from biomimicry to using formative assessment to improve student achievement, and has received both local and regional teaching awards.

In addition to teaching experience, Ms. Dykeman brings to the board extensive experience in developing curriculum and assessment materials for public, for-profit, non-profit and professional organizations, and a passion for sustainability. Since earning a BS in technology education and MS in elementary curriculum and instruction, Ms. Dykeman has gained education and certifications in design, sustainability and engineering education.