Ilana Aldor

Research Scientist, Bridgestone
Advisory Board

Ilana Aldor is a socially conscious engineer working for a sustainable future. Ilana brings a decade of industry experience in microbial physiology and fermentation science, working with bioreactors and process analytical technology. She has been employed in both the biopharmaceutical and the industrial biotech industries at Genentech, Eli Lilly, Genencor and Codexis. She is currently employed at Bridgestone in Akron, Ohio working on a domestic source of natural rubber and on making tires from sustainable resources. In addition, Ilana is on the scientific advisory board of the Blue Nomad Foundation, a California-based non-profit organization whose goal is to use algae for bioremediation and production of biodegradable polymers. Ilana completed her Ph.D. in chemical engineering under Professor Jay Keasling in his metabolic engineering and synthetic biology lab at the University of California, Berkeley. Ilana’s thesis was on the metabolic engineering of microbes for the production of biodegradable plastic from waste glycerin. Her undergraduate education was in chemical engineering at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.