Arianna Alonso

Chapter Relations Coordinator
Leadership Team

Arianna, a socially, civically, and globally engaged scholar, graduated with an A.A. in Industrial Engineering from the Honors College at Miami Dade College in April 2017. She is an adventurous individual who welcomes new challenges and enjoys board games, traveling and cultural experiences.

Arianna joined the Miami Dade College chapter in 2015 and has actively participated ever since. In fact, she served as the chapter’s President from 2016-2017 where she was able to increase her knowledge and understanding of the organization’s operations, mission, and global impact. Arianna is now pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan.

Arianna is determined on combining her engineering and sustainable systems interest and is eager to join ESW-HQ as a Chapter Relations Coordinator.  Her ultimate goal is leading the shift towards renewable energy.