Alexandria Julius

Projects Coordinator: RCDC
Leadership Team

Alex hails from Youngstown, Ohio and graduated from Smith College in 2014 (B.S. Engineering Science; B.A. Environmental Science and Policy), where she was a four year ESW-Smith member and treasurer. Alex is drawn to the intersection between environmental and natural disasters, learning about hazard and risk reduction methods, and building resilient communities. Alex is currently a graduate student at the Ohio State University, where she is researching photogrammetry and remote sensing applications of studying urban dynamics and resilience. She is excited to connect ESW members with resources to solve complex problems in their communites through the Resilient CommUnity Design Challenge.

Alex finds extreme importance in the incorporation of environmental justice and the dismantling of oppressive systems within academia and STEM into all of her work, particularly by drawing the mission of ESW into all aspects of her professional career.