Alexander Dale, PhD

Solve | MIT
Board of Directors

Alex has an academic background in sustainability and the environmental life-cycle impacts of energy & water infrastructure, and a professional background in environmental policy, engineering education and non-profit management. His doctoral work (CEE, UPitt '13) looked at shale gas in Pennsylvania, water sourcing in Arizona, and Amazonian dams in Brazil. He has also taught courses in social entrepreneurship and energy & science communication, alongside community outreach on climate change and sustainability. Alex is currently working on building a diverse community to address the world's greatest sustainability challenges through MIT's Solve initiative. He was previously a member of the 2015-2017 classes of Science & Technology Policy Fellows, placed in the US EPA's Climate & Transportation Division in Washington DC.
Alex currently serves as a board member and Treasuser, and was the Executive Director for ESW-HQ from January 2013 to August 2015. He helped created the Wicked Problems in Sustainable Engineering initiative, the LCA+U challenge, and drive higher faculty and professional involvement with the organization. He previously served as the Education Director and Director Communication & Technology, and helped rebuild ESW in its modern incarnation.  When not otherwise occupied, Alex enjoys the outdoors, a good book (hard sci-fi to nonfiction history), cooking, and coming up with ways to frame and share a positive vision of the future.