2018 ESW Annual Conference

April 5, 6:00pm to April 8, 1:00pm
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA





Building Blocks
Back to Basics

Georgia Institute of Technology

April 5, 2018 to April 8, 2018

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The 2018 ESW Annual Conference will be hosted at Georgia Tech, and will be based around the theme Building Blocks. What are the basics of sustainability? Building a strong foundation is the best way to make a bigger impact. ESW’s Annual Conferences bring together students and professionals from around the country to learn design and leadership skills, hear from researchers and professionals about the state of sustainable design, collaborate on design challenges, and meet to forge a stronger community. Expect to come away inspired to create something new, with the skills to do it. If you’re excited about sustainability and implementation: THIS is where YOU should be!

Questions related to conference logistics and content?
Contact Alyssa Recinella at arecinella@eswusa.org