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  • Published February 16, 2013

    This past Tuesday, just before the State of the Union, we hosted a webinar with the author of our January discussion book, Climate Capitalism (or, The Way Out).

  • Published February 11, 2013

    Alex Dale and Erin Rose Briggs at the VCU Energy & Sustainability Conference

  • Published January 7, 2013

    Continuing our kickoffs for the new year:

  • Published January 7, 2013

    As the first project in our partnership with Sustainable Minds, we are announcing the Life Cycle Assessment Plus Universities (LCA+U) Challenge! This joint initiative challenges you to work with campus staff and sustainability life-cycle assessment software to identify solutions or improvements to campus operations that have quantifiably lower environmental impacts.
  • Published January 4, 2013

    Today we’re officially announcing a long-term partnership with Sustainable Minds which will benefit both organizations by increasing awareness and education of sustainable product development and life-cycle assessment (LCA).

  • Published January 3, 2013

    As one year has ended and another is beginning, we are proud to be able to say that 2012 was a great year for ESW. Below is a highlight of some of ESW's major accomplishments in 2012. 

  • Published January 2, 2013

    The National Team of ESW, after a month of deliberation, has selected longtime NT member Alexander Dale to take on the role of Executive Director, working full time starting this summer. Mr. Dale possesses the combination of passion, vision, and leadership skills, as well as experience with the organization, that will be necessary to strengthen and grow ESW going forward.

  • Published November 19, 2012

    Last Wednesday was our most recent skills webinar, which this time focused on an engineering rather than leadership skill: Life-cycle assessment. Amidst a lot of poor definitions of sustainability, one of the things that engineers can provide is a way to quantify impacts, and LCA is the most widely used tool to do that.

  • Published November 7, 2012

    The MIT Technology Review has a fascinating article this month, on a topic that comes up periodically: Why We Can't Solve Big Problems. The core example discussed here, and often cited, is the Apollo Program - a giant effort to accomplish something audaciously large.

  • Published November 4, 2012

    ESW attended the 2012 Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) conference in Los Angeles in mid-October. This was immediately followed by our own Annual Conference, which is part of the reason it's taken so long to write up anything about it!

  • Published November 3, 2012

    On Saturday the 20th of October, in the middle of our Annual Conference at UC San Diego, we held the first ever Inter-Chapter Challenge. The overall goal was to build or retrofit a remote controlled car that was

  • Published October 16, 2012

    *This blog post was adapted from a paper written for a course taught by Nadine Dolby at Purdue University titled "Global Issues in Education"


  • Published October 3, 2012

    Every few years, the American Society for Civil Engineers (ASCE) rates the state of the nation's infrastructure by category.

  • Published September 26, 2012

    I recently spent two weeks in South Korea on a trip to visit my brother. While there, I was lucky enough to visit the World Expo in Yeosu, a small seaside fishing village at the southern tip of the country.

  • Published September 19, 2012

    Yesterday we had our first educational webinar of the school year, with Kyle Wiens of iFixit. The central topic was repair, but along the way we delved into good design, the need for documenting how to use (and fix) all of the things we own, and how we could make technical writing courses more interesting.

  • Published September 6, 2012

    Last spring, we had the opportunity to hear a webinar from Arlene Blum, the director of the Green Science Policy Institute and a crusader for removing carcinogenic flame retardants from childrens' products and furniture. Ms.

  • Published April 17, 2012

    In this article, Rob Best, our Direction of Education and Projects, reminds us all of the upcoming celebration of our environment and what we can each do as individuals and chapters to honor the day.

  • Published April 4, 2012

    In this article, our Director of Education and Projects reflects on the word "sustainable" and encourages engineers to think outside their own technical world in defining what sustainability means and even what it means to work on an engineering project.

  • Published March 27, 2012

    At some point, I stopped talking about climate change as a major focus. It became an occasionally-stated problem which provided motivation for tackling many many things, but my focus turned to more immediately tangible items like peak oil, resource depletion, water, and food. Like President Obama, whether because of controversy or because other things were more pressing, it slipped from the center of my sustainability vocabulary. In the recent flurry of climate change news, it seems like it’s time to tack back.

  • Published March 25, 2012

    In a surprising spring break experience, the tables are turned on our Director of Education as he learns an important lesson about growing food. In a parallel of Michael Pollan's seminal work "The Omnivore's Dilemma," Rob Best chronicles his day of harvesting and cooking his own "perfect meal."