Project Leader: 

Connor Brown



This project was inspired by the concept of vertical farming is the concept of  building up rather than across. It is a skyscraper with floors upon floors of crops being grown hydroponically year round. The use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides can be kept to a bare minimum by growing plants indoors in a controlled environment. Therefore reducing the number of spoilage. Also less water can be used with  proper recycling techniques followed.

Our new system is designed in order to begin implementing the concept of Vertical Farming (Figure 5). Not only did this reduce space area it also increased the number of plant sites to 35 from 16. The water needed for the system also decreased in amount. The old system required 25 gallons while the new system only requires 10 gallons. With the bacteria issue brought upon in the old system, research proved Hydrogen Peroxide added to the nutrient solution is a method to provide more aeration. Also the  new system has valves in order to monitor the flow rate into each pipe.