Solar Smoothie Cart

Project Leader: 

Connor Devine
Laura Godly



`Sustainable fund-raising' is nearly an oxymoron; nearly all fund-raising methods employed by clubs and schools involve the sale of some forgettable product, or require over-packaged foods to be shipped great distances. UB's Chapter of Engineers for a Sustainable World has taken a novel approach to fund-rasing with the creation of the `Solar Smoothie Cart', a PV powered food vending cart from which they sell smoothies.
The cart was constructed 5 years ago under a fairly rushed schedule on a very limited budget. While it has served the club admirably, it is in dire need of a retrot. A grant from ESW National has enabled the club to replace nearly all of the components on the cart, resulting in a more mobile, more powerful, and more educational fund-raising tool.
Planning began in April of 2012, and solar PV components arrived in December of 2012. It was decided to strip down the existing cart to its metal frame and re-build it from that point. CAD models have been developed of the new cart, and a full BOM was developed to organize the re-fit.
At the beginning of this semester, the existing solar smoothie cart was stripped down to its aluminium frame, and slowly re-built. Nearly all components used were new, although we attempted to rehabilitate as many as possible from the previous cart. To date, the re-build is complete, although there are a plethora of additional projects and tweaks which could serve to improve its function.esses!



Solar Panels

The RIT chapter is currently working on a similar project, but our progress has been slow due to the fact that we are having difficulty obtaining a solar panel. I was wondering how you acquired a solar panel and if you have any suggestions for us as to where we can get one. Thanks!

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We got the panel donated from

We got the panel donated from our University facilities.  The panel was left over from a recent project that they had installing panels on the roof of one of our buildings.