Solar Information Table (SolaRIT)

Project Leader: 

Kevin Gebo
Jake Kleinberger
Eric Tank


Finished - Successful

It is a mobile information station that is powered by a 240 watt monocrystalline photovoltaic module (solar panel). The module charges a 24 volt 100 Ah battery bank, which powers a 1500 watt inverter creating usable AC current.  The unit has AC outlets to power user devices, a 32 inch LED monitor to display information, a weather proof audio system, and a pair of LED DJ lights.  There is also a power meter that displays the power being generated by the solar panel, a meter that measures and tracks power consumption, and a battery gauge that displays the charge status of the battery bank.
The system is available for use by clubs, organizations, and academic/administrational departments within RIT who want a mobile source of power and entertainment. The system is structured to be used as a type of information kiosk desk such that users can stand behind and promote their cause.  It is intended to be used during outside events, activities, and fundraisers.