Reusing Dryer Heat

Project Leader: 

Pieter Werner
Courtney Smith
Christian Blank
Mehad Habbab



There are multiple washer and dryer rooms in the tunnels under the dorms that the residence use. All the exhaust systems for the dryers in that room are connected to a main exhaust vent. The vent outlet is visible outside the dorms; there is an exhaust vent going outside for every washer/dryer room. Our team would like to reuse this heat for a purpose inside the dorms instead of it going to waste. This has a significant environmental impact due to the magnitude and usage of these dorm dryers. There are 3,400 residents living in the 13 dorms that are using these dryers. The model will be designed in a way to allow for future expansion beyond the dorms at RIT.

This project promotes sustainability in economic, environmental, and social ways. Reusing heat that would have been wasted instead of burning natural gas to create more heat will reduce the use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions. It promotes the RIT campus’ goal to be carbon neutral by 2030. Using less natural gas will also save the campus money. We will be working with the facilities department on campus to learn how the current system functions, safety and building regulations, and the feasibility of this idea.


The project was submitted to the NYSP2I R&D Student Competition.