Water is essential to life, and it plays a role in all aspects of modern society: agriculture, manufacturing, heating and cooling, drinking, and so much more. We tend to think of water as an infinitely renewable resource - our world is over ⅔ water, after all - but a very limited amount of freshwater is available for human use, and it’s distributed extremely unequally. Water interfaces with several other sustainability issues: many sources of energy require water for cooling (and energy is required to treat water), floods and droughts affect agriculture, and climate change is affecting water access in many places.

Every region has different problems with water: the southwestern US constantly faces drought, while other coastal US cities are ravaged with flooding and hurricanes.Older cities in the northeast US are dealing with crumbling stormwater and sewage infrastructure, while developing nations may have trouble purifying and transporting drinking water to their urban centers. We want to see how you are responding to your local water challenges - use the hashtag #ESWwater on Facebook or Twitter to post your photos, stories, and thoughts about how you and those around you think about and use water.

Cadillac Desert by Marc Reisner