New Strategic Partner: Sustainable Minds

Today we’re officially announcing a long-term partnership with Sustainable Minds which will benefit both organizations by increasing awareness and education of sustainable product development and life-cycle assessment (LCA). Sustainable Minds, based in Cambridge, MA, is a market leader in LCA software for non-experts, with data from established sources and a web-based tool for easily assessing new ideas and alternatives.

Our initial collaboration was the November webinar on life-cycle assessment (LCA) which was one of the best-attended webinars of the year. We see LCA as a core skill for future sustainable engineers, and wanted to make sure that we’d continue to have LCA-related activities going forward.

Going forward, expect to see partnership projects and more events, The first project launches on Monday: the Life-Cycle Assessment Plus Universities (LCA+U) Challenge. The challenge is for students to work with campus sustainability staff to design more sustainable alternatives to current campus activities. Teams will use Sustainable Minds’ software to generate alternatives, identify quantitative improvements, quantify the benefits, and gain valuable skills in need-finding, ideation and LCA.

SM will get exposure to our membership, both students and faculty – and that’s a good thing. They’re an emerging technology company looking for opportunities to support  sustainability curriculum and better sustainable design. Partnering with a company that makes tools for a more sustainable world advances both organizations’ missions. In addition, as a benefit of membership, ESW members will soon be able to purchase subscriptions to Sustainable Minds cloud software at a discount.

We’re excited to work with Sustainable Minds on LCA education and product development, and hope that if you’re looking for an LCA tool, you consider Sustainable Minds as an option, not just because they’re an ESW partner, but because it’s a good product. We’ll also be re-posting relevant internships and other opportunities with Sustainable Minds in our Opportunities Bank (members only!).

If you have any questions about this partnership, let us know at If you’d like to know more about Sustainable Minds, sign-up here and we’ll pass on the request, or contact Michael Potts at