Solar Cell Phone Charger - Mini Project

Project Leader: 

Karina and Sabina Sobhani


Finished - Successful

ESW's newest project is to host 1-2 hour workshops every month to make the organization more accessible to members who cannot commit to the bigger projects within ESW. This allows busier members to still gain a hands-on approach to sustainability.
We had a great time making solar cell phone chargers. It was even a sunny weekend so we were able to try them out after the workshop. Everyone got a little hands on experience with soldering and were at least introduced to the growing field of solar power technology. Our next step will probably be to invite all of the participants back for a followup workshop to talk more about solar technology and to add diodes to our solar chargers so they don't drain the battery of the cell phones if there is any cloud cover.
For instructions and a list of materials you can visit the instructables website where we got the idea from: