Campus Sustainability


California Institute of Technology (CalTech)
  • Worked on reactor to convert fryer oil into usable fuel
  • Coordinated research opportunity and new course work in sustainable development
Cornell University
  • Converted a diesel van into one that runs on vegetable oil
  • Set up a Kill Bills site to help students select for energy-efficient off campus housing
  • Used infrared camera to identify heat leaks in older dorms and facilitate renovation 
Iowa State University
  • Drive Not To Drive
  • Carbon Footprint Awareness
Northwestern University
  • Waste Vegetable Oil Project: Converted waste vegetable oils (from dining hall) into fuels for campus shuttles
  • Sustainable Shuttle Stop Project: Used environmentally benign materials to built a shelter at Norris shuttle stop
  • Every Day Action Video: 5-7 min. video to educate Northwestern community on everyday options to reduce impact on the environment
Pennsylvania State University
  • Worked on solar trailer (within Center for Sustainability) that has solar arrays alongside bio-diesel generator
  • Renewable Energy Trailer: Construct a portable educational trailer 
  • Penn State Renewable Energy in Engineering Education Initiative: Document growth of renewable energy industry
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Worked with Ecologics and RPI Student Senate on Recycling Project
  • Hosted campus wide workshop on benefits of Biodiesel
  • Helped to faciliate Earth Day activities on campus
Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Worked on Energy Bike: Demonstrated how much energy needed to power light bulbs
  • Critical Mass Bike Ride
Stanford University
  • Taught fellow students how to make biodiesel from vegetable oils from dorm cafeterias during the ESW 3rd Biodiesel Workshop (November 2008)
  • Speaker events
  • Co-hosted conference, "Water and the Developing World"
University of Buffalo
  • UB B20: Research and push on-campus waste grease into biodiesel that fuels buses on North and South campuses
  • Bike Power Project: Research and design bike generator to harvest energy to run electronics
  • Wind Power Project: Research and build wind turbine that wil be featured on North Campus
  • Participated in discussion on construction of new engineering building
University of Iowa
University of Pittsburgh
  • Monitored wasted energy from leaving lights on in classrooms
  • Helped create an annual student-sponsored green fund
University of Rochester
  • Collected wasted vegetable oil from dining facilities and converted it to biodiesel to fuel a university shuttle bus
  • Analyze wind data for data extrapolation and power generation estimate (on campus study of wind resources)
University of South Florida


Campus Projects

Many of the projects we do are around our own campuses. These span a lot of topics, from constructing (or encouraging) new infrastructure, to student campaigns and competitions, and even the creation of official classes and curricula. Below, you can see a list of the last year’s worth of on-campus projects.