Campus Sustainability


California Institute of Technology (CalTech)
  • Worked on reactor to convert fryer oil into usable fuel
  • Coordinated research opportunity and new course work in sustainable development
Cornell University
  • Converted a diesel van into one that runs on vegetable oil
  • Set up a Kill Bills site to help students select for energy-efficient off campus housing
  • Used infrared camera to identify heat leaks in older dorms and facilitate renovation 
Iowa State University
  • Drive Not To Drive
  • Carbon Footprint Awareness
Northwestern University
  • Waste Vegetable Oil Project: Converted waste vegetable oils (from dining hall) into fuels for campus shuttles
  • Sustainable Shuttle Stop Project: Used environmentally benign materials to built a shelter at Norris shuttle stop
  • Every Day Action Video: 5-7 min. video to educate Northwestern community on everyday options to reduce impact on the environment
Pennsylvania State University
  • Worked on solar trailer (within Center for Sustainability) that has solar arrays alongside bio-diesel generator
  • Renewable Energy Trailer: Construct a portable educational trailer 
  • Penn State Renewable Energy in Engineering Education Initiative: Document growth of renewable energy industry
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Worked with Ecologics and RPI Student Senate on Recycling Project
  • Hosted campus wide workshop on benefits of Biodiesel
  • Helped to faciliate Earth Day activities on campus
Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Worked on Energy Bike: Demonstrated how much energy needed to power light bulbs
  • Critical Mass Bike Ride
Stanford University
  • Taught fellow students how to make biodiesel from vegetable oils from dorm cafeterias during the ESW 3rd Biodiesel Workshop (November 2008)
  • Speaker events
  • Co-hosted conference, "Water and the Developing World"
University of Buffalo
  • UB B20: Research and push on-campus waste grease into biodiesel that fuels buses on North and South campuses
  • Bike Power Project: Research and design bike generator to harvest energy to run electronics
  • Wind Power Project: Research and build wind turbine that wil be featured on North Campus
  • Participated in discussion on construction of new engineering building
University of Iowa
University of Pittsburgh
  • Monitored wasted energy from leaving lights on in classrooms
  • Helped create an annual student-sponsored green fund
University of Rochester
  • Collected wasted vegetable oil from dining facilities and converted it to biodiesel to fuel a university shuttle bus
  • Analyze wind data for data extrapolation and power generation estimate (on campus study of wind resources)
University of South Florida